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Selling your company or transferring its control to new shareholders is an exceptional opportunity which, when led by the experts at CMG International, will ensure that you crystalize the value of your efforts, risks and years of dedication.

As your duly authorized mandataries regulated by the Civil Code of Quebec, CMG International will take full ownership of the entire transaction process, including accounting and legal counsel, in order to ensure the success of each step of your sale or ownership transfer venture.

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Our fully integrated approach

Maximize your exit value

Backed by our international network of private and institutional investment funds actively looking to acquire SMBs valued between 5 and 50 million $, CMG International is THE one-stop-shop you need to help make your exit as smooth and profitable as possible.

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Meet Your New Partners

Yuliya Zakharova CPA, CGA

Yuliya Zakharova CPA, CGA

President | Senior Advisor-Negotiator

Christian Dagenais M.Sc.

Christian Dagenais M.Sc.

Vice-President | Business Development

Me Olivier Normandin

Me Olivier Normandin

Attorney | Commercial Law

Richard Rousseau MBA

Richard Rousseau MBA

Founder | Senior Advisor-Negotiator

Wayne Bishop

Wayne Bishop

Senior Advisor | Production

Marie Harou, M.A. Comm.

Marie Harou, M.A. Comm.

Senior Advisor | Communications

Denis Vaillancourt

Denis Vaillancourt

Senior Advisor | Financing

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Our transparency is the key to inspiring your confidence. If you can’t find the answer to your questions on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. No cost. No obligation.

Yes. CMG International offers a comprehensive turnkey service that is of significantly greater value to the success of a business than that of a broker.

For example, in the context of a corporate acquisition or transfer of ownership, beyond simply contacting and presenting your opportunity to prospective buyers/sellers, CMG International will take charge of the entire transaction process, including negotiating deal terms and, if necessary, obtaining financing from investors and/or lenders, either private or institutional.

What’s more, all the professional services required to complete and implement your transaction will be integrated into CMG International’s service offer, including legal counsel.

No. CMG International offers greater added value than a law firm or accounting office by the simple fact that our professional vocation is not limited to the legal or accounting aspects of a company. We offer integrated services in management, finance, law, negotiation, operations, and marketing – each designed to meet all the needs of your company.

Although they might, at first glance, seem to offer consulting services similar to ours, remember that neither by training nor experience are lawyers or accountants considered entrepreneurs or business executives. As the old saying goes: if you want to eat bread, hire a baker, not a bricklayer.

Yes. As stipulated in article 2138, Chapter IX of the Civil Code of Quebec, a mandatary is bound to fulfill the mandate he has accepted, and he shall act with prudence and diligence in performing it. He shall also act honestly and faithfully in the best interests of the mandator, and shall avoid placing himself in a position where his personal interest is in conflict with that of his mandator.

Since we enter into all our client engagements as legally recognized mandataries, the integrity and independence of our professional services are guaranteed by law. With CMG International, you can always count on the neutrality and objectivity of our recommendations and our actions.

Yes. Make no mistake. When big banks, accounting offices and law firms refer their clients to each other, it is not for your financial benefit, but for theirs.

CMG International is described as an independent firm because of its arm’s length neutrality from financial institutions, law firms and accounting offices. We solicit our prospective clients directly. We are only referred to new clients by our past clients. We do not accept kickbacks or referral bonuses from anyone.

If, for example, we recommend that you accept a financing offer from a given lending institution or investor rather than another, it is because that offer is objectively a better deal and not because that particular institution offered us a referral fee or incentive.

Yes. Certain government grants and/or tax credits may be available to help defray the costs of our professional services. The eligibility conditions and the value of these government incentives are conditional on factors that cannot reasonably be specified through our general public website. Book your free consultation with a CMG International advisor to get more information on applicable grants and tax credits.

Yes. Just like a law firm that offers diversified legal specializations (commercial, criminal, tax, maritime, etc.), CMG International offers you the services of a team of advisors who have interdisciplinary academic training and diversified professional experience. To your advantage, this is what allows us to combine our efforts towards the success of all of your objectives rather than a single issue.

No. With CMG International, until you accept our service offer, all hours required to complete the necessary preliminary evaluation of your file will be free of charge.

No. If, for example, our service offer estimates 10 hours of work to complete our mandate and we ultimately only require 6 hours to complete it, you will only be billed for the 6 hours completed.

Yes. If, for example, our service offer estimates 10 hours of work to complete our mandate and we ultimately require 16 hours to complete it, you will only be charged for the 10 estimated hours.

However, the cap on billable hours excludes all out-of-scope hours that may be required and approved during our mandate. In the event that it is reasonably impossible for CMG International to estimate the hours required to complete your mandate, we reserve the right to exclude from our service offer any clause that would cap our billable hours.

Yes. Each phase of the work plan included in our service offer contains go/no-go milestones.

For example, in the event that the result of a given phase of the work plan forces you to abandon the transaction process, you can (and we can) terminate the mandate on simple 24-hour written notice.

It should be noted that any hours worked and disbursements incurred in good faith up to the moment of the termination of our mandate will be billed.

Yes. It is in fact expected and recommended that you join our Committee. As a client benefiting from our services, your involvement and your contribution to the analysis of your case, to the debate on possible solutions and to the recommendations that we will issue are essential to the success of the mandate.

Even if you yourself are the subject of the business case we are scrutinizing, we will ask you to “put on your CMG hat” when we are in Committee. Taking a step back often does wonders to help gain new perspectives and new solutions.

No. We don’t want to write a giant brick of a report full of nonsense recommendations any more than you want to read it. 

Our goal is not to regurgitate in writing what you already know about your business and send you our bill. On the contrary, the report aspect of our work plan is more of a mandate documentation formality than anything else. The goal is to provide you with an action plan that you will be comfortable implementing and that will have a measurable positive impact on your bottom line. The CMG International team will always be at your side to ensure a successful implementation of our recommendations.

Book a confidential consultation

Book a confidential consultation

Congratulations! You've taken a big step for the future of your company.

You will soon receive an email confirming your consultation appointment. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your business goals and challenges. 

Have a great day!

Congratulations! You've taken a big step for the future of your company.

You will soon receive an email confirmation of your appointment. We look forward to learning more about your business goals and challenges. 

Have a great day!